Cloud 9

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What doesn’t kill you truly does make you stronger. The last couple of months have been one thing after another, and I started to wonder whether my family and I would ever catch a break. If people imagined the impossible more, they would be more prepared for life in general. You never know what’s going to happen next. In the next year, month, or even the next couple of minutes.  The universe has both blessed me and exhausted me with its indecisiveness.

A few weeks ago my husband and I finally made our cross-country move to Virginia. Right away I fell in love with it here. We have the cutest little home, and it’s just 15 minutes from the beach! I find myself exploring something new every day – and always with my camera in my hand.

Moving in was a hassle to say the least, but also so much fun. I embarrassingly admit that I am still not completely unpacked. Luckily my husband and I already had a lot of the things we needed, but we have had to make a few nice purchases for our home since we’ve been here. Thanks to my husband’s fantastic credit (you go baby), we got our dream bedroom set – definitely fit for a King and his Queen, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Find it here!

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Marcus took a pretty big amount of leave time so we could settle in and enjoy our new home together. We got to do so much and I’m so thankful we had the time to spend together. It was mainly filled with a lot of beach days, coffee, and home-making. We found the best ramen here, yes already – it’s my favorite.


On Monday he had to go back to work – and additionally underway. Going underway basically means that he’s on a floating prison in the middle of the ocean for a few weeks with horrible signal and I don’t know when I’ll see or talk to him. To the normal wife this seems agonizing, but I would take that over the latter of deployment or even the months we’ve gone without each other before.

Plus, I’m used to it by now. Any military wife will tell you that the military comes first, and then the family – whether you like it or not. Regardless of how long or how you spin it, being away from your significant other sucks. I know there are men and women who have it much worse than me, and they have all of my respect an amazement. (Stay strong out there, keep rockin’, your boo will be home soon ♥)

I am officially a Navy Wife, you guys! I got my ID and everything – which is also the first thing I have gotten with my new married name on it! I am The Mrs. Eibl, now. I’m all enrolled in DEERS, know my way around base, and have met some pretty great people!

I met Kai and Sabrina via Instagram, and they both just so happen to live here in Virginia! Kai is a fellow photog soul and she invited me to join her, her friend T, and our friend Sabrina on the set of her boudoir session. I had the greatest time with them and it was so nice to be around such amazing ladies who know what I’m going through. Kai was so funny and welcoming, and she’s such an amazing photographer – I feel so blessed she asked me to be a part of her work. Sabrina is just as hilarious, and so outgoing! Such a beautiful woman, both in front of the camera and by just being around her. We had a blast and I got what I think is my most favorite session, yet. 

This is what really sparked me. Photography has saved my life, and I want to spend the rest of my life doing it and making a career out of it. Long story short, I drive by The Art Institute of Virginia Beach every day and decided to check them out. One day I was just looking at the school online, and the next I’m speaking to an advisor. It all happened so fast, which makes it even more exciting and nerve-wrecking.

Before meeting with my advisor, I had to put together a portfolio. I was so nervous, not confident in my potential, and thinking that I wasn’t good enough. That all faded with the encouragement of so many, thank you all of believing in me and pushing me to go for it. So many of you in fact, that my blog hit record views that day – at near 900 of you supporting me! I can’t express how thankful I am for all of those good vibes and well wishes.

My advisor loved it, and I am hoping to start in April. Over four years I will earn my Bachelor’s in Digital Photography, and I haven’t been this excited or motivated since before I got sick. The labs and classes are simply amazing, and their resources are equally remarkable – I can’t wait. I can’t get over how lucky I am to know what I want to do with my life, and actually pursue it forever. None of this would be possible without my husband and how hard he works for not only me, but our country. Thank you for believing in me, honey.

The blessings didn’t stop there. The next day I applied for and got hired at the cutest little ice cream shoppe! It’s low-key, and flexible enough for school and family. My first day was today and it went so well. The work is nice, the people are great, and I’m making good money for someone who gets endless free ice cream samples.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!


I could have vented all about the not-so-good things that happened to me and my family this month, but who actually cares, right? It’s not worth it to focus on all of that negative stuff, when a load good things happened to me this month as well. Every time life hits me in an attempt to keep me down, I get back up 10 times stronger. I wonder if I can handle anymore, but I always do. Slowly I’m getting my groove back, I’m learning and growing, and I’m making my way back to the top. The veiw from my Cloud 9 is pretty great right now. I haven’t been filled with this much joy and determination in a good while, and no one will take that from me.

Huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog, supports my work, and makes sure I’m always alive and well. It’s so nice to know that there a genuinely beautiful souls capable of caring so much. I love you guys.


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