Smiling on a Bad Day

I tend to wake early on these days, maybe that’s closely related to the fact that I am not a morning person. The pain starts shooting throughout my body as we both begin to wake, but I am used to it by now. My whole body is stiff as I pull back the covers and my toes search for the pair of slippers close by. I have been awake for far less than an hour, and I can already feel the weight of a bad day.

This perplexes me as I can’t recall any reason why I would already be having a bad day.

I make the decision that within my first hour, my day will not be set off by these negative vibes. I race to the Keurig like it will fix all of my problems, when in reality I think it just makes them easier to deal with. The steamy stream fills my Los Angeles cup – giving me flashbacks of the sunny days I spent there not so long ago, and I smile at the memories.

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset
Processed with VSCO with j2 preset


The diffuser is still running from the previous night, and I convince myself that is the reason the coffee hasn’t woken me completely. I change the water and add orange, lemon, bergamot, pink grapefruit, and lime – 2 drops of each. I read somewhere that it’s a mood boosting blend, but who knows. Even if they don’t actually work, the placebo of it all works for me.

As I open the curtains, nothing but grey fills the room. Another day without the sun, here in Texas. Two more weeks I have to remind myself.  Two more weeks and I am on my way to Virginia with my husband. A smile stretches from dimple to dimple as I realize how soon that will all be here.

A twinge of pain reminds me of its presence frequently and I grow frustrated.

Last year I was pretty set on the fact that I would not treat my pain unnaturally, and I am so happy with my decision. Taking a minute, I thank the universe that I am no longer pharma medicated and zombified. The green plant fills the bowl, and the smell alone is enough to lift your spirits – even just the slightest. With one hit, I am relieved of the pain 20 pills couldn’t take credit for. My muscles slowly release and the anxiety induced pressure building in my chest falls away. I can’t help but smile at this point.

This is the perfect time for yoga, so I search YouTube for a beginners sequence as I am definitely no expert. I have just picked up yoga in 2017, but I will already vouch that it has made my body feel so much better. I grow discouraged when I realize how much flexibility I have lost in the past year, then quickly remind myself how far I have come, remaining positive.

I run the shower as hot as I can take it, and I like to think that my troubles flow down the drain with the water – rinsing off all of my worries and negativity collected throughout. The bubbles smell of Victoria’s Secret Shea and I wonder how I could ever be sad when I smell this good. The Chainsmokers play loudly, followed by Sublime and 90’s Hip Hop. I can’t stop myself from singing and dancing along, but why would I want to? Laughter fills the noisy air.

The shower alone makes me feel a million times better and I continue to enjoy the music playing loudly. I smother my skin in the matching VS Shea lotion, pull my favorite sweater from the drawer, and smile at the color in the mirror. I notice the waves in my hair already drying so I happily embrace them.

Admiring the blue in my eyes and the freckles framing them, I decide to embrace everything that day. I ask myself to list 5 things I love about myself. I think for a moment, looking into my own eyes, then the list begins to form. It’s not as hard as you think, and I encourage everyone to try this sometime. Instantly I feel more positive and confident, ready for the day. I flash my smile.


Remember that self-love reflects in all that you do.

We tend to think that once a day has been labeled bad, it can’t get any better. There are so many different things worth of a smile, you just have to be willing to find joy in them. These can include a delicious meal, a favorite movie, or something as simple as a sweater. Whenever I am having a bad day I can always find solace in photography, reading, and writing. Lose yourself in something that fills your heart and let the happiness consume you.

Every day is a balancing act. Balancing the negative with the positive, and learning what affects you, and what you want to affect you. I have learned to take at least one positive thing from every situation, and it really does change the outlook of it. You can turn anything around with the right attitude. Rather than letting these negative things hinder me, I use them to grow with. I turn my bad days around with positive vibes and things that make me smile

I woke early on these days, mainly to get a head start on turning the day around.


I hope that some of you found this encouraging, and have turned a bad day around. Don’t forget to smile, follow me on Instagram, and tell me how you survive the bad days!

Much love and good vibes, KE


PS. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to my friend Sarah for being the push I needed to finally finish writing this post! Follow her on Instagram and check out her Vlog! XO

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