Finding Poetry

Oh, kael no!

Lately I have loved winding down to some poetry, whether I’ve had a rough day or I just need some positive words to pick me up. I always seem to find the poems that say exactly what I need them to.

Today I happily found myself in a Barnes & Noble with the company of my always amazing mom. We sat in between rows and rows of books, and the piles of them stacked high around us. Two Starbuck’s coffees and a cupcake later, I was in deep – up to my neck in words written by R.H. Sin, Rupi Kaur, and Lang Leav. They all hit some sort of nerve, tasting of good vibes and positivity when they rolled off my tongue.

I had known of R.H. Sin as his words rang similar to my momentary favorite, Atticus. The others I weren’t as familiar with. I was in awe, to say the least.

Time ticked by. My mom sat in a chair reading the intro to a book about some dysfunctional family, as if ours wasn’t enough. She contemplated picking up a mystery, then turned back to her brain candy hardback. I had become enclosed by a circle of books like milk and honey, whiskey words & a shovel II, and rest in the mourning. I wanted to hold onto every poem I read, in some sort of walking gallery to read them constantly.

I was entirely infatuated by the ink on the pages. I managed to make a compilation of my favorites, so far…

It was hard for me to turn away from milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. I could feel a pang of empowerment and attachment with each line I read. It put into words why I feel on top of the world, and why I should. I was reminded why I am so powerful as a human, and that’s a feeling everyone should get. I was consumed by positivity while reading, and remembering how great it is to be an empathetic human with soul.

I have loved r.h. Sin for a while, and today I fell in love with a new poet, Lang Leav. I feel like they know the kind of heartbreak and love I have felt over the years. Although young, I have felt more deeply than I ever imagined and they capture that in a tangible manner I never thought possible. With my husband being away right now, I always feel it in my heart when something reminds me so deeply of him. My soul dances with him and these word put it perfectly as to why.

Earlier, I mentioned that Atticus is my favorite right now. I love everything they write, I mean everything! I think they are so full of true love and light. Their words resonate in me for long after, and I often find myself expressing how I feel with Atticus. It was hard to pick my favorites, and I’m not sure that’s what I did here. Some sit with me for longer than others, depending on what I need that day. I feel like there is an Atticus poem for whatever mood you’re in.

I often find myself referring to these poets and poetry. I use them to lift my spirits and put into words what I’m feeling or growing through. I love being uniquely me, and encouraging others to do the same. I feel like all of these poets do that so nicely. Reminding us why we love and feel. It’s amazing when you realize that the way you feel and what you’re going through is a human thing and not just a you thing.

I hope that some of you found poetry you enjoy just as much as me! Leave your personal or favorite poems below ↡↡↡

Growing, reading, and glowing!


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